The Oasis Grow Biointensive Association is a non-profit orginazation working in Senegal and West Africa.  The mission of the Association is to increase access to healthy food and reduce youth unemployment through low input, organic farming methods, otherwise known as Grow Biointensive agriculture.  (Click here to learn more about the Grow Biointensive farming system.)  Our organization is officially sanctioned by the Senegalese government.  The official record for the recognition of the association is: 16820/MINT.SP/DGAT/DLP/DLA-PA.

Currently there are many serious challenges facing farmers in this region: soil degradation, loss of seed diversity, rising input costs, drought and climate change. What Senegal and the rest of Africa need now and for the future is sustainable agriculture based on healthy and fertile soil, an agricultural system that does not compromise the environment. This will mean greatly increasing the number of small-scale farmers who have learned how to farm effectively without chemicals, who can contribute to true soil sustainability and who can encourage genetic diversity in seeds.

Our objective is to develop sustainable, organic, low input agriculture in West Africa using Grow Biointensive farming methods.  This is the path to food sufficiency, food security and food sovereignty. To acheive this objective The Oasis Grow Biointensive Association teaches farmers, boy/girl scouts, women's groups and leaders of youth organizations in sustainable agricultural practices both at our central demonstration farm located outside Dakar and in other locations throughout West Africa.



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