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The Oasis Grow Biointensive Association is always looking for partners in working to acheive its goals of reducing hunger and povery in West Africa.  If you are interested in working with the organization in some capacity please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Oasis Grow Biointensive Association also offers training internships at the Fankanta agroecology center for those who wish to learn sustainable farming techniques applied in a West African setting.  Fankanta is located in the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal near a community called Keur Massar.  Interns are housed and provided with meals at Keur Massar a thirty minute walk from Fankanta.  Interns will receive hands on training about agriculture in West Africa and low input, sustainable farming techniques.  Work will take place on the farm from Monday to Friday.  Depening on the duration of the stay, interns will be able to engage in cultural activities in Dakar and elsewhere on weekends.  Staff at the site can communicate in French, English, Wolof, Poular, Serrer, and Mandang.

Living conditions in Keur Massar are rustic and interns will occaisonally camp out overnight at Fankanta.  Traditional Senegalese cuisine is served for meals although special dietary concerns can be accomodated. Interns are asked to pay the following fees to cover expenses: 

 Housing - either in a tent at the Fankanta Agroecology center itself at 1.000 CFA per night or in living quarters in the town of Keur Massar for 3.000 CFA a night (this helps cover water, electricity and upkeep)
Meals - 2.800 CFA per day
            Breakfast -  300 CFA
            Lunch - 1.000 CFA
            Dinner - 1.500 CFA

Tuition - 5.000 CFA per person

Transportation costs are the interns responsibility.  Internet is available in cyber cafes in Keur Massar or at the living quarters with the purchase of internet credit.  As of October 2014 $1 US was 517 CFA.

Interns from abroad should have a valid health insurance policy for the trip as well as a medical certificat of sound health.  Work at the center is physically intense and the weather can be hot depending on the season.

Interns will have the opportunity to learn about:

- Grow Biointensive farming, a low input, sustainable method of growing food.  

- How to operate a market farm

- Basic traditional plant based medicine (if interested)

- Challenges facing farmers in Senegal and potential solutions

Interns are also invited to:

- Share with the Fankanta staff any special skills they have.

- Help the Oasis Grow Biointensive Association develop new ways to acheive its goals

- Work with other cultural, social or agricultural organizations to improve their knowledge of the issues facing Senegal.


For more information, contact the Oasis Grow Biointensive Association at or visit our contact page.


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